Garage Doors

Classic Paneled Meranti

Feel free to browse our collection of the most classically styled wooden garage doors, installed with or without automation in a number of styles and sizes to suite your needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if u have a difficult installation, our technicians love a challenge.

Stylized Meranti

This collection of doors has been produced to invoke emotions ranging from “perfect for the beach house” whites through to “dark and intimidating” gothic styles. Our designers and technicians love to create new and interesting designs to suit your home in every way

Repairing and Refinishing of existing doors

Are your doors looking a little tattered and worn out or perhaps they wake the neighbors each time you use them, maybe they haven’t worked in years? We have the perfect deal for you! How about looking into one of our maintenance or refurbishment packages and bringing that youthful glow back to your existing doors.

Chroma Deck Garage Doors

We install a wide variety of Chroma Deck products ranging from very economical roll up versions to wooden sectional door imitations.

Industrial doors

We install industrial roll up doors for any size opening please feel free to contact one of our technicians for details regarding your specific requirements